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ICAHD-USA Director Eran Efrati Speaks Out About IDF Abuse in Gaza, West Bank

Democracy Now!

Part two of Democracy Now's conversation with ICAHD-USA Director Eran Efrati, following his interviews with several Israeli soldiers who participated in the Shejaiya massacre in Gaza, and just before testifying at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels.


Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Do Israel’s practices in occupied Palestinian territory, namely the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, amount to the crimes of colonialism and apartheid under international law? This booklet provides a summary of a legal study by Human Sciences Research Center of South Africa that looked at the discriminatory nature of the modern Israeli state.

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Jeff’s Halper’s “War Against the People” is “Mind-boggling”

By Sally Bland, Jordan Times

The myriad of facts and insights contained in Jeff Halper’s new book are nothing short of mind-boggling. While one may be familiar with the origins and development of the Israeli arms industry, “War against the People” covers the exponential expansion and diversification of its production and sales to become a humongous network reaching every corner of the world. Crucially, Israel has not simply increased, but qualitatively retooled its weapons manufacturing to match evolving global conditions.....