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 توراة الح  תורת צדק  Torat Tzedek 

Join with Palestinians and Israelis in a powerful act of non-violent political resistance

and solidarity with Palestinians in the West Bank

October 21st-31st 2018


Name as it appears on your passport *
Name as it appears on your passport
Please include country code
Please note that your passport must be valid for a further six months beyond your date of departure, i.e. May 1st 2019. Failing to comply with this Israeli requirement will result in denied entry upon arrival in Israel. No visa is required for EU, USA, Canadian and Australian citizens. For other countries please check the website for the Israel Ministry of Tourism.
Please supply the name, email address and telephone number of someone, who is not a relative and who has known you for at least three years. Please state your relationship to this person.
ICAHD & Torat Tzedek's 2018 October Camp Questionnaire
The 2018 Camp spends time in the Occupied Palestine Territory and is about strengthening your involvement in the global movement for peace in the Middle East by learning about the issues and how to advocate for justice. Please tell us more about you.
Important: We do not provide travel and health insurance coverage. Camp participants must make sure that they take out a policy which covers them for the duration of their trip. You are required to inform us of your insurance company and policy number before travel. Travel agents can provide advice on available policies.
Please indicate your agreement to the following concerns:
Are you prepared to be part of a team and that you will respect the needs of others in a spirit of cooperation? *
Do you agree to take direction from the leaders of the camp who understand the culture and political climate in which you will live and work? *
Are you prepared to be punctual and keep to the daily schedule both at the camp and during excursions? *
Do you agree to participation in the full camp program without leaving the group or taking days off? *
Date *
Please use SignEasy or similar e-signature app, or print - sign - scan and return

Upon acceptance to the ICAHD & Torat Tzedek 2018 Camp, participants will be asked to fill in and sign an additional form which covers health information, waiver of liability and acknowledgement of risk.

If your application is approved a non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to secure your place on the ICAHD & Torat Tzedek 2018 October Camp and must arrive no later than 10 working days after notification that your application was successful, to the country which has processed your application. The full balance for the camp fee is due by 15th September 2018.

The final deadline for all applications is August 15th , unless spaces are allocated ahead of this date. If the 2018 October camp is fully booked ahead of this deadline, we will issue a notice to advise applications are closed, until next year’s building camp is announced.  Approved applicants will be sent details regarding how to make payment.

Reports, photographs and film footage from previous ICAHD summer camps can be found on ICAHD UK’s website, www.icahduk.org. A reading list and further details about the building camp will be provided in due course.