Police departments around the world increasingly look and act like occupying armies. Technologies and weapons tested on Palestinians are making their way into American cities. This is no coincidence.

ICAHD-USA Director Eran Efrati has conducted numerous interviews with IDF soldiers, Israeli police officers, and American security officials, which together reveal a disturbing picture of a systemic collaboration on “security matters”. This collaboration is both methodological and ideological, and manifests in resource sharing and joint training geared towards suppression of any form of civil unrest.

American police departments today seek Israeli expertise in militarizing the policing of protest. When trained in Israeli warfare and surveillance methods, American police learn to track, isolate and investigate activists, as though they are foreign combatants. This process of police militarization culminates in the imposition of curfews in Baltimore, the introduction of tanks in Denver, the employment of LRADs in Baton Rouge, etc.

This year, we plan to expose these connections, and with your help we hope to forge cross-community cooperation against this state repression. Beyond highlighting countless instances of brutal repression, or merely shaming Israel, we seek to fortify people of all backgrounds in their fight for freedom from displacement, to assist them in remaining undistracted and undeterred in the midst of an atmosphere of unchecked surveillance.

We invite you to participate in the launching of two major Campaigns. The first, “The Judaization of Palestine,” will continue our efforts to map Israeli control over the entirety of Palestine. Our other primary campaign, Palestine is Here,” will work to expose the connections between the repression and disintegration that communities face in both Palestine and the US.